Working Cover

Quick update on the book: In the end, I’ve decided to go the indie route to self-publication.

An update to the update! (2/16) It looks like I won’t be self-publishing this one after all. A small press that normally published ESL/EFL books has expressed interest in Taking Leave. We’re ironing out the details, but it looks like the goal is to start production in May, with an aim to release both print and ebook versions before the annual JALT Conference in November.

Two endorsements already, one from a gender studies expert and one from a former lieutenant governor in Japan. And naturally, all reviews and comments from other interested colleagues, parents, workers and families both at home and abroad are welcome!

Here’s another cover idea. No idea if this will be the final or not, but that’s also under negotiation!


About MThomas

Long ago, I gave up my high school dreams of becoming the next Carl Sagan and instead wound up working (in order) at McDonald's, a '60s-themed restaurant, a video rental store, a used bookstore, a computer seller, Kinko's, a Jewish newspaper company, and an HR firm. I eventually became a teacher of intercultural communication in Kyoto, where I vainly attempt to apply quantum mechanics to language teaching, practice martial arts and Zen Buddhism, and always keep one eye on the sky. And yes, I know my profile photo's backward. I just think it looks better this way.
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