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Toy Boy?

This past weekend, my wife and I stopped by at a nearby “home showcase.” Basically, the idea is that a number of construction companies build a model house in the same area, and then you can visit all the big … Continue reading

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Where no toddler has gone before…

Now that our daughter has stood up on her own (albeit for seconds at best), and has shown signs of beginning to walk, my wife and I started “baby-proofing” the apartment. We were particularly worried (of course) about the kitchen, … Continue reading

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Note to self: Never call “parenting,” “babysitting”

Last Friday, my wife went out to dinner in Osaka with a couple friends. This meant that I was home alone with our daughter for the first time. Well, not the first, first time. But I was faced with the … Continue reading

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A Baby Room of One’s Own

Our baby has finally (at the age of 9 months) shown signs of crawling. Or at least turning around and scuttling backward, then turning around again. She can also sit on her own (with occasional falls to either side, depending … Continue reading

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Feeding Time

Last Saturday, I got my first taste of feeding the baby by myself…er…I should say that my baby got her taste of my feeding her. My wife wanted to do a little shopping, and also needed to get new contact … Continue reading

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First Day at Day Care for Dad

Last weekend, I had my first experience with a baby carrier. Or what I like to think of as some sort of modern torture device for obedient husbands. The top part goes around your head, the bottom strap latches itself … Continue reading

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