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Toy Boy?

This past weekend, my wife and I stopped by at a nearby “home showcase.” Basically, the idea is that a number of construction companies build a model house in the same area, and then you can visit all the big … Continue reading

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Suku-suku So-dan

Yesterday, my wife and I took our daughter to a city-sponsored health check slash child care consultation (suku-suku so-dan, meaning literally “quick consultation,” from the idiom suku-suku sodatsu, grow quickly or thriving). The event was free of charge for all … Continue reading

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A Baby Room of One’s Own

Our baby has finally (at the age of 9 months) shown signs of crawling. Or at least turning around and scuttling backward, then turning around again. She can also sit on her own (with occasional falls to either side, depending … Continue reading

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