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“Men should work, women should stay home”

I sat outside the passport center building with my daughter in her stroller and showed both her passports. “Now you’re officially both American and Japanese,” I told her (of course, she had no idea what I was saying; she just … Continue reading

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Toy Boy?

This past weekend, my wife and I stopped by at a nearby “home showcase.” Basically, the idea is that a number of construction companies build a model house in the same area, and then you can visit all the big … Continue reading

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Spice Girl to Daddy: This food is bland!

Lately, my daughter has begun to reject food. At first my wife and I thought she might be coming down with something — especially after our hospital episode, we have been carefully monitoring our daughter’s sleeping and eating habits for … Continue reading

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The Tanakas, “tenkin,” and “o-mutsu-koukan”

A few weeks ago (before all the hospital melodrama), I took my daughter to a nearby supermarket…which had a “baby care room” on the second floor, next to the roof parking lot. We had been invited by a Japanese couple … Continue reading

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ER Japan – Part One

(Note: This is the first of two parts. The first will describe events leading up to my daughter’s hospital stay. The second will examine more details of problems with Japanese pediatrics and public hospital care system. At least from my … Continue reading

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Doctor, Doctor?

This past Monday I experienced bringing my daughter to the doctor’s office for the first time. The first time by myself, I mean. I’ve been present at most of my daughter’s immunization shot visits (my wife and I arranged these … Continue reading

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Getting Sick

Since March 3rd, our daughter has been sick. Well, not sick-sick, as in sick all the time. But basically since catching a cold she hasn’t recovered completely. Four days of medicine for the cold seemed to work…sort of…except she came … Continue reading

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