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More updates on Amazon Japan’s child porn and abuse images

I previously posted in October about the child abuse images and pornographic materials being openly sold on Amazon (also on Rakuten and Tsutaya). An online protest was started shortly thereafter, and Amazon Japan responded by (partly) removing the most offensive items. … Continue reading

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BREAKING NEWS: Amazon Japan offices raided

The Asahi Shinbun is reporting that on Friday, January 23, 2015, Japanese police raided the offices of Amazon Japan on suspicion of violating anti-pornography laws. This web site reported on the illegal sales of child abuse images back in October 2014, when decrying … Continue reading

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UPDATED: Amazon Japan removes some, not all. Tip of the iceberg…

Depictions of 13 year olds wearing leotards in sexual positions are OK, right? Amazon continues to think so. So does Rakuten. And Yahoo Japan Shop. And Tsutaya… Continue reading

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