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Home for the holidays (Part 1)

After a series of fairly serious blog posts related to an ongoing complaint against Amazon (which was somewhat, but not entirely, resolved), I thought it was about time to post about a slightly more innocuous topic: Making pottery at the … Continue reading

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Usagi and the Bear

Since my daughter was a baby, she’s been obsessed with rabbits (usagi, in Japanese). We first had a stuffed sheep doll for her, but she quickly became enamoured of a musical pink bunny whose cord she could pull to start … Continue reading

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On the Pond

This past Sunday, my wife, daughter, and I joined in an outdoor barbecue at a prefectural park originally built for a Japanese emperor. Sounds impressive, I guess…Taisho Tenno wasn’t a particularly long-lived emperor by modern standards, and was in poor … Continue reading

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Grand Auto Envy

Driving in New York again this past summer after a three-year interval was…interesting. I got my driver’s license at the age of 17, and then took my high school’s Driver’s Ed class. To get the reduced auto insurance premiums, of … Continue reading

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Shoe In

The biggest change in my daughter during our North American trip this past August was her first few steps. Predictably, they came after we got her first pair of sandals. Our hotel was smack in the middle of a large … Continue reading

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Canadian Cribbage

It’s been slightly over a month since my last blog posting…not because I stopped taking care of my daughter of course. My wife and daughter and I were traveling around the northeast of North America, particularly in the Ontario and … Continue reading

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One if by Land, Two if by Sea…

Last weekend, my family went to Nagoya. The impetus was a concert by a local chorus my wife had once belonged to, but since it was an overnight stay, we also had a chance to take our daughter sightseeing. It … Continue reading

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